The role of Aska is to document and promote the cultural and territorial heritage of a Tuscany in a way that is very distant from the “usual clichés”.


Aska Edizioni

Aska means “vase” in Etruscan, the ancient language of Tuscany.

A vase is not simply a passive receptacle. Rather, it is a small, caring place of accommodation, one of painstaking care, of concentrated reception. For that matter, it is said that the Holy Grail was a vase. A vase is a cup, an urn, a humble casket for flowers, nectar, feelings, memories. This is Aska, thanks to the knowledge accommodated in these precious vases that are its books.

Aska® Edizioni is a publishing project which, starting from Tuscany and through its series [collane] and its books, intends to fill up that vase with precious contents and to offer it to new travellers and enthusiasts of the many and at times still unexplored territories of our extremely beautiful country.


Name of authorSurname of author
The art, history, culture and traditions of the territory
Viaggio in Italia
Series dedicated to the cinema
Exploro Bike
Cycling tourism



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