The role of Aska is to document and promote the cultural and territorial heritage of a Tuscany in a way that is very distant from the “usual clichés”.

Itinere impresa

The Itinere Impresa series of local contemporary history and economy intends to testify to the experiences and lives of entrepreneurs who have been particularly bound to  the Tuscan territory, and who have stood out in particular manner during the latest decades of their businesses. Just like the many places and landscapes, Tuscan works of art represent treasures to be discovered: also the history of its inhabitants who have put themselves to the test in the difficult and complex ‘art’ of doing business constitutes a particular perspective for an analysis and promotion  of the territory, as well as a topic of absolute cultural and scientific interest. A journey through the testimonies of several of these people, of their ideas and ambitions and of what they succeeded in realising will take us to explore the abundant universe of the trades and crafts of yesterday, today and tomorrow, as examples of excellence. Starting from Tuscany, we will travel  the world by means of their stories, we will become acquainted with the ties of this land with other nearby and distant lands, just as merchants, bankers and captains had done once upon a time. Even with a smooth and immediate cutback, the series will maintain an approach that is as scientific as possible, seeking not only to be easily exploited, but to be useful for those – scholars and authorised persons – who intend to make an instrument of analysis and further in-detail study  of these experiences.

I Libri della collana (2 libri)

Roberto Mancini.
Collana: Itinere Impresa
Anno: 2013
Codice ISBN: 978-88-7542-206-6
Federico Monechi.
Collana: Itinere Impresa
Anno: 2013
Codice ISBN: 978-88-7542-202-8
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The art, history, culture and traditions of the territory
Viaggio in Italia
Series dedicated to the cinema
Exploro Bike
Cycling tourism



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