The role of Aska is to document and promote the cultural and territorial heritage of a Tuscany in a way that is very distant from the “usual clichés”.




To become acquainted with, point out, manage, and promote the territory

In the face of the new tendencies of cultural and environmental tourism and with the revitalisation of the concept of what is “local”, always greater opportunities are created in the direction of the less well-frequented areas of the traditional tourist flows. Enthusiasm and willingness on their own are not enough to exploit this potential in the most opportune and efficacious way, however. Indeed, it is necessary to cope with the twofold problem of responding to the growing and differentiated exigencies of the different types of tourism, succeeding at the same time in characterising them in unique manner, positioning them in the right way on an always more complex and changing market.

Today, through the experience acquired in the sector of tourist publishing with Aska®Edizioni, InProgress S.r.l., the firm that holds the trademark, is able to offer services of the very highest professional level, flanking local authorities, communities and operators in the realisation of their tourist-development policies.

InProgress desires to offer itself as a partner of reference for those operators and authorities that have invested, or plan to invest, in qualified territorial marketing services for tourism.
InProgress can respond to this need by providing the necessary competences for dealing successfully with tasks of planning, organising and promoting the tourist development of a given territory, and for supporting efficaciously – with its team of experts and professionals – organisations and operators engaged in this fundamental activity.
Its dynamic and elastic structure is able to respond rapidly and appropriately to numerous exigencies, from the simplest to the most complex, that may involve subjects working within the sphere of the tourist development of a given territory.
An in-depth knowledge of the main themes and realities of the local microcosm, as well as the ability to insert it within the context of the complex and variegated socio-economic dynamics that regulate the trend of tourist flows, together with a scientific-type approach that is always oriented at the market and at attaining the objectives: these are the unusual characteristics that make InProgress the ideal partner, not only for publishing projects, but also for activities involving territorial marketing for tourism.
In addition to being active in the general consultation sphere of territorial marketing for tourism, InProgress can also offer the following services:

  • the planning and realisation of Tourism Resource Auditing activities;
  • the planning and realisation of market research and analysis aimed at singling out and identifying tourist needs, as well as at monitoring tourist services;
  • the planning of programmes of tourist development;
  • the strategic planning of territorial marketing for tourism;
  • the planning and realisation of training programmes within the perspective of plans for tourist development.

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