The role of Aska is to document and promote the cultural and territorial heritage of a Tuscany in a way that is very distant from the “usual clichés”.



To inform, describe, illustrate

The publishing models are characterised by attractive graphics, a ready cartography, texts written by experts; and care in the specially-realised iconographic reproductions. The results are quality products that are able to meet needs of a promotional nature and of printed representations also with other issues for widespread diffusion. Published in various European languages, they are dedicated to art, history, archaeology, environment, cinema, architecture, literature, folklore, traditions and food and wines.

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Aska eBooks
The art, history, culture and traditions of the territory
Historic testimonies
Series dedicated to the cinema
In search of the flavours of our land
Tourist Guides with itineraries
For young travellers
Detailed analysis of the history of art of the Arezzo territory, and that’s not all
Studies, research, investigations and reflections on stylistic questions of a political and social nature
Portrait of a “less well-known” Italy
Photographic Recollection
Inward Itineraries
Museum visits
Nature, culture, gastronomy… all one programme
Our future needs Perspectives; however, they must take our past into account
Territories, cities, where one can find oneself, reflect, remember, and experience “Places of the Soul” emotions
The history of small and medium-size businesses in Tuscany
By children for children
Cycling tourism
Name of authorSurname of author
The art, history, culture and traditions of the territory
Viaggio in Italia
Series dedicated to the cinema
Exploro Bike
Cycling tourism



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